The Internet today… is it really a genius product of humanity?

This is how an alien who came to Earth to learn about our achievements and saw the Internet would react. Just imagine what it'd have to go through to discover really cool content. For sure, it is there on the Internet, but it hides far behind pristine photos from social networks, short music videos, and "copy-paste" articles with clickbait titles.
Looks like the Internet is broken, but it can definitely be better.
We simply don't believe that we, ordinary users, have a chance to read an interesting article without being distracted by adverts of sneakers I've already bought. We're talking about a really cool article created by a content creator, independent of SEO rules and the burden of publishing 5 articles a day just to earn a living.
This is where the main problem of the polluted Internet is: the difficulty of being an independent content creator today. To liberate content, we need to help authors express themselves and spread their content.
Realizing this, we decided to create Ench. We are closely connected to the Internet and have engaged in content services and design for many years. We have carried this pain with us and have finally decided to resolve it. We'll get back to us later, as there are more important things to communicate first.

Being a content creator: creativity or heroism on the edge of insanity?

Today, being a content creator means challenging the system, giving up income for a favorite cause, or working a job you don't like and doing your favorite thing in your spare time. There are two options: make content “like everyone else” according to the rules of the game of social networks and gain popularity, or fight by do something of your own.

But why should geniuses fight?

We are glad that there are services that help creators around the world monetize content and patrons who support them. Unfortunately, these services remove only one pain from them. As for audience growth, fan search, opportunities for self-expression, and customizing your content pages, service providers don't want to help creators for free.
One of our main goals is to help creators solve all their problems on one platform. That is why we released the first version of Ench with functionality for creators. By creating a community of independent authors and their fans, we can go further on the path to a big goal.

Creating something of your own should be easy!

What should be done with self-expression in people like us? I don't know how to dance and I don't like going to cafes to take beautiful photos with a salad, but I could be a movie buff, or just have a rich inner world. How do I express myself, and most importantly, how do I find those who are interested? This is another great question and problem that motivates us to wake up in the morning. After all, we're those who can not dance and make faces, but we can show something to this world.

OK Google, find interesting content for me...

Your search yielded no results. Sorry. Well, I'll see what algorithms have picked up for me in the recommendation feeds in social networks. Damn, why do they think I'm interested in all this? If you want to find something that is interesting to you, unrelated to square photos and short videos, then there is a problem. So, we start surfing (or drowning in) the web: somewhere among the blogs, somewhere after a very accurate query in Google, somewhere in our bookmarks, is a good site.
But why isn't there a place where all the content that interests me is aggregated and a recommendation system that recommends what I'm interested in?

Meet Ench, the new Internet! 🎉

A bold introduction, but this is our Big Vision and we are going for it.
Our mission is to create a space for author's content without restrictions and advertising, where everyone can:
  • create something of your own
  • help unknown and cool creators become famous
  • consume independent creator's content that are similar to your interests
This is a really big goal that can't be achieved right away. We have divided it into several stages. For each we'll produce a complete, full-fledged product and a solution to the problem. Ultimately, together with you, we will create the Ench platform that will change the Internet.
How we see the evolution of Ench:
  1. A universal editor for making content pages. This tool allows everyone to become a content creator and quickly make an ama Ench page for their own purposes, such as a multi-link page, personal diary, blog and otherwise.
  2. A platform where users can encourage authors and help unknown talents grow their audience. We want to create a community where the like will matter and the content will get a lot of coverage because the creator has done a really good job.
  3. A new consumer culture. Create an algorithm for the selection of content according to user interests. On the Ench platform, as well as on social networks, you can kill time, but instead of viewing dozens of empty photos and useless videos, you will read three Ench pages that grip your interest.
Now we have launched stage 1 and released a beta editor for authors.

Welcome to the Ench page builder!

Today, helps content creators and others create fast, beautiful, and user-friendly pages from their phones. It's so intuitive, as if you've always used them!

The first step to realizing our Big Vision

Content platforms today don't allow creators to express themselves. But good content page design is more interesting to the user, while effecting future audience and revenue growth.
Take this multilink page from The Guardian newspaper. We are in 2020, right?
Let's move with the times.
Change styles, fonts, backgrounds, frames, and customize links. Express yourself with!
Insert any media content. Photos, videos, clickable playlists, active maps, streams, and more. Embed any content on a page in two clicks.
As you already know, this is just the beginning as we continue to develop our platform. We’re always open to ideas to improve our app. If you have any suggestions on how to improve our editor, or would like to help in the development, get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. 
The project is fully bootstrapped and independent. Our launch will be faster with your support. What you can do to help us to realize a full Ench platform?
  1. Register on Ench now, even if you aren’t a creator. Your account on Ench is a vote for a truly free Internet.
  2. Just try it. Create an Ench page and share your result with friends.
  3. Anyway, just be yourself and wear your mask!
Have an Ench day!